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New Furniture

  • We *finally* got our kitchen table and chairs. I recovered them to match the barstools. The bedroom set is all wood, dovetail constructed drawers and king size :) We had to get all new bedding and everything is soft and fluffy and feathered. The stainless pots and pans plus industrial rack are Larry's Christmas gifts. He did a great job getting the rack hung too.

Mexico Getaway

  • P1010039
    Every year we make a trip to La Salina, Mexico with a group of friends. The resort is not very fancy at all and it is just so relaxing to have a few days makeup free, dressed down and laid back with a cold Corona and good, authentic Mexican food.

New House

  • Img_3963
    This is our new little casa out at the base of the Sierra Estrella mountains. Once we have the boxes unpacked and the furniture all in place, we will take more pics.

Viva Las Vegas

  • P1010088
    I got to go to Vegas for business this past week and smuggled Larry with me. It was about $20 cheaper to drive so I used the airfare money for my ticket for gas and got the pleasure of Larry's company and help with driving. One perk of the company I am with, they spare no expense in rooms. These are pics of our suite at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay plus some pics of very talented bartendars at Carnival just outside of Harrahs. Also, the lovely evening skyline view is from a bathroom stall, yes a STALL in the swanky restroom of THEMix, a lounge at the top of THEhotel. I have never wanted to just hang out in a bathroom before. It was awesome.

dads birthday

  • P1010006
    I got to go home and see the folks for dads birthday. These are from that day from mom making him breakfast in bed, to he and Terry being masterbasters ;)

New Rooms

  • P1010011
    Pics of our new, swanky party room (complete with bar and dart board) and theater room. Oh and Squeak being weird and hiding in the pillowcase.


  • Img_1400
    This spring we had a pair of Mourning Doves that raised 5 clutches of babies just outside our kitchen window. They grew so fast and although I always wanted to get pictures of them, it wasn't until their last clutch that we actually snapped some good ones. The pics you see here are about a week before the babies flew up to just a couple of days before they did. The daddy is the only adult male pictured. I got a few pics of the mama but, they were blurry to post. Daddy always had the day shift while the mama had night time. If you ever get a chance to read up on Mourning Doves you should. They are quite interesting creatures.


  • Img_9640
    During a recent monsoon, Larry braved the elements (and my rath for being out in bad weather) and got some pretty cool pictures of the lightening.

Big Fork, Montana

  • P1010018
    Our trip to Big Fork, Montana for White Water Days.

Glacier National Park

  • P1010035
    Our trip to Glacier Park. That was the most awesome, I feel close to God, trip ever. These are just the pics from the little camera.

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May 22, 2006



We loved the pet pics. 'Course you showed us some of them when you were home, problem is, you failed to show us the cutest one. I guess I have never seen a jack-a-lope, he is adorable! If you have any extra pics I would love to have a 4X6 to add to the family photo table. ;)

Yovonne Cole

I have extra pics of all the animals, Jack-a-lope included. He is quite the handsome addition to the family, don't you think?

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